04 November 2009

Origins Facial

So today I got a free facial at the Origins counter in John Lewis courtesy of a voucher in Grazia...
I haven't really used their products before, and I really enjoyed the treatment! All of their products are natural so thats always nice too. My skin feels ultra soft and clean and it smells sooo nice!
Of the products that they used, a couple really stood out that I wanted to share....

Firstly, a skin cleanser called "Pure Cream"

This is a soap free cleanser... It smells sooo good and is made with carrot and coconut oil... it removes make up and debris and is great for hydrating dry skin.....

The other product I really liked was the "Ginzing" eye cream

I suffer from pretty bad dark circles under my eyes and I really noticed an immediate difference under my eyes within minutes of use... Its designed not only to aid dark circles, but also bags and puffiness. It has caffeine which livens tired eyes.
When I got home i could notice even more of a difference from my normal dark circles.... They were out of stock while I was in the store, but I will absolutely be going back to get it as it was only £20 for a decent sized jar.....

If you wanna check out either of these products, or anything else from Origins, check out their website:

xx Brandy

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