16 November 2009

Shoot with Andrew & Oli

So I had a super awesome day today... did a shoot with the ever fabulous and entertaining Andrew Farrington photographer and his assistant Steve Bevan... and of course in front of the lens Oli Lee...
Andrew is an amazing photographer whom I have worked with quite a few times now, and Oli is someone I have met quite recently... he was an actor on a film called "Powder" that I recently worked on in Liverpool....

We went for quite a deep, dark theme to the day... starting with quite a basic make up with a bit of "guy-liner" as Andrew likes to call it..... but by the end of the day we had Oli's face glistening in red and black crazy spookiness!
I got to use one of my favorite, favorite products; Lip Tars by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Lip Tar's are an absolute dream product created by David Klasfeld, for his aforementioned line OCC... They have an amazing consistency to them that stays very wet looking without moving all over unless you actually move it yourself if that makes sense.
Lip Tar's are not necessarily only for use on the lips but even though you can see I use these in the eye area I should mention that you must be very careful using these near the eyes because they have peppermint oil in them which is no good for eyes....
Also they are so highly pigmented that you need to make sure you have a bit of a base down if you are using them on normal skin so that it will make removal of the product easier when you are done...
If you havent already, check out the Obsessive Compulsive site and try to get your hands on these.... if you get a few basic colors you can mix them to make custom colors.... Today I used the black and red tars ("Tarred" and "NSFW")

Here is a shot from today, more to come soon!
x's and o's!! brandy o

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  1. You should do more here, Brands - it is very well written and entertaining.
    Plus, many thanks for the lovely compliments.